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We employ engineers with incredible integration of hands-on OEM training and a recognized PRINCE 2 project management experience that enables them to proficiently ramp down OEM magnets and handle customers’ requirements competently and successfully.


Carefully understanding the client’s needs and the restraints encountered enables us to provide an accurate scope of technical services and Project management, coupled with Quality Assurance (QA) audit, logistical management, patient data deletion, and Portable Appliance Testing (PAT).


Our expert engineers hold the expertise that enables them to perform successful project execution and problem-solving strategies without any additional support, which allows for timely and budget-friendly project completion. Depending on the client’s specifications and requirements, we can offer these services independently, in combination, or as a whole process.


Projects Managed With Precision and Accuracy

Goring Medical Projects Limited has been established with the aim to provide technical support and Project management to the public and private healthcare sector, particularly hospitals, medical centers, equipment brokers and resellers. We conduct our professional operations to provide Project Management and technical solutions of diagnostic imaging equipment in healthcare environments, to provide our clients with the most reliable and flexible service in the industry.

We extend our technical services to the healthcare sector by embracing a broad spectrum of Project Management and Medical Engineering that includes system installation, de-installation, relocation, ramp down, inspection, system evaluation, mobile/relocatable and modular design. Our extensive range of technical medical support services expands to every business dealing with the healthcare sector, from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s), equipment brokers and resellers, hospital radiology and procurement managers, to hospitals estate managers and third party diagnostic imaging equipment providers.

Accurate and competent, ramp down, relocation and maintenance of diagnostic medical equipment used in medical centers or hospitals is a matter of great concern and thus, requires complete expert handling. We understand that the Radiology departments depends not only on the quality of treatment and health care provided, but also greatly on the correct running and efficiencies of the medical equipment.

Goring Medical employ OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) engineers who are highly trained to handle the technicalities of all the medical equipment with industry recognized PRINCE 2 project management experience. Hence, possessing a vast technical knowledge and applied experience in Project Management of diagnostic imaging equipment in hospitals, we ensure to provide our clients with a highly standardized and quality assured services.

Being professionally committed to deliver excellence, we hold ourselves responsible for inspecting and managing the ramp down of diagnostic machines, de-installation, installation, and relocation of medical equipment, ensuring that the breakdown of the equipment and accidents made during diagnosis and treatment can be avoided and eliminated altogether. Our high-quality audits help you, our valued client, to achieve the highest possible value for your equipment.

Nevertheless, we are able to live by our professional commitments due to the focused support of our expert engineers who possess technical OEM equipment training combined with PRINCE 2 certified Project Management that enables them to handle customers’ requirements competently, carefully and cost-effectively. Additionally, this means our resources, that is the Engineer/project manager, is sufficiently trained to complete all the technical tasks as opposed to requiring numerous staff members on board for the project. Consequently, we can save time, cost and extra hassle for our clients.

Detailed and accurate inspection, handling, and auditing of medical equipment along with efficient management and reporting of project management and technical works greatly help our clients to offer well-organized and effective services to their patients. Moreover, Goring Medical understands the importance of actively functioning diagnostic equipment in the hospitals, therefore, we provide our clients with Service Level Quality Assurance (QA) audit, RAMS, fully certified patient data deletion with software reinstallation and Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) along with responsible logistical management.

Nonetheless, Goring Medical has progressed and thrived to provide professional Project Management to administer healthcare equipment installations, de-installation, ramp down and relocation until an effectual clinical use is achieved.