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Agito Medical – Nuffield Hospital, Glasgow – Siemens Avanto 1.5T Deinstallation and Removal

We were very proud to work for and on behalf of Agito Medical to carry out the following services.

  • QA a Siemens Avanto 1.5 Tesla MRI  – Which involves building up a very detailed report to ascertain the full system specification, current system and magnet health, helium level, available coils, gathering installed options and license list, thoroughly testing the system and all coils. We then prepare and issue a full report that can be up to a hundred pages long for MRI systems.
  • We then surveyed the removal route and compiled a detailed set of removal RAMS.
  • We then liaised with the client and project stakeholders to organise the opening of the RF Cabin wall, carried out the certified deletion of patient data using Blancco, reinstalled the software.
  • We arranged for the system to be clinically cleaned.
  • We ramped down the system using one of our in-house MPS3600 Ramp kits.
  • We requested the electrical isolation permits to ensure no live working (safe working practise).
  • We carried out a full dilapidation survey and agreed this with the client in advance of any works being carried out.
  • We identified all items to be removed and all those to remain before works commenced.
  • We identified a way and method of winching out the existing magnet onto a heavy tail lift to remove the need for a crane to help the client reduce costs and maximise the offer made for this used equipment.
  • We led the deinstall of this system over a two-day period.

We turned this project around with very short notice and ensured that we were well prepared. This resulted in a smooth and timely execution of this project. Both Agito and the centre manager at Nuffield Glasgow, were delighted with how the project ran and by now, they will be up and running with their new Siemens MRI.

As well as being trained engineers and Project managers, we are also IOSH Health and Safety trained, so we work always with a safety-first approach.

We always use our skills, training, experience, and commercial savvy, to find the most practical, safe, and cost-effective ways to deliver our removal projects. We also always audit systems in advance of the planned removal date to help highlight any issues and permit time to have any issues resolved. This then helps the client to achieve the maximum trade in or resale value for their used equipment.

It was our genuine pleasure to serve Agito Medical and this is the 5th Avanto that we helped remove this year.



Siemens Avanto 1.5T MRI




Nuffield Hospital, Glasgow


November 2019

Project Description

QA, RAMS, Project Management, Ramp Down and Lead Engineering

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