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We understand the confidentiality of patient’s data in the healthcare environment. We are able to provide the most trusted solution by associating with a renowned partner (Blancco) who enables us to offer onsite data deletion using a certified and effective process.

Before removing the old equipment, we at Goring Medical ensure that our clients comply with IT security governance policies and GDPR, to erase patient data on medical imaging devices. Regardless of core technology or the amount of data stored, number of disks, we provide complete patient data deletion in a secure, cost-effective, and eco-friendly manner.

To ensure that no value is lost to your equipment after the Blancco process is completed, Goring Medical will reload your system software from scratch, to ensure that you have a working system to sell on.

By using certified, recognized and reliable data erasure software, we take satisfactory steps ensuring that all sensitive data is erased permanently from the equipment’s servers and drives. At the end, we assure that each data deletion is verified and certified also giving a tamper-proof certificate of erasure to our clients in order to prove compliance with local national and global data protection regulations.