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Through means of our OEM engineering background and training, we competently offer detailed quality assurance, system audit, test, evaluation, and reporting services to our clients. We can fully test most modalities across all OEM’s. For MRI, this includes the system, number of receiver channels, all coils, options, configuration, and cryogenic health. For CT, we can evaluate the tube life, patched detector channels, software options, and much more.

We also inform our clients of the likely cause of any problems so that they have the possibility to have the issues resolved ahead of system purchase and de-installation.

Our system evaluations serve a trusted and cost-saving purpose to both the client and the buyer. If issues are found and resolved, this enables the seller to obtain the maximum value for the equipment, which they can use to part-fund the replacement system. The buyer then has a system that he can then reliably and confidently sell on for parts or as a fully working system. Also, any system faults can be fixed under contract if the audit is carried out ahead of removal, so this is a very valuable service that we offer. We work independently, and without bias, so you can trust our work to detail accurate information.